The Wailer 2

2007 1h 30m 0

After Professor McBride learns that the body of his daughter Julie was never found, he takes it upon himself to go on a quest to discover the truth about his daughter's disappearance. With the help of Chava, a young Mexican anthropologist and a cult of old witch ladies, he embarks on a mission to exorcise the body of Julie from the evil soul of La Llorona.

Director: Paul C. Miller

Genre: Horror

Cast: Alfredo 'Pelón' Solares, Antonio Manuel del Asco, Dulce Alvarado, Jose Rojas, Jose Sosa, Nadia van de Ven, Pepe Romay, Roger Cudney, Seth Michaels, Susana Kamini

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IMDB Rating: 5.3


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