Kill 'em All

2017 1h 36m 0

After a massive shootout, a mysterious stranger arrives at a local hospital on the brink of death. Then, a foreign gang brazenly comes to the hospital to hunt him down. His nurse, the sole surviving witness to the follow-up shootout, must face an FBI interrogation that unlocks a plot of international intrigue and revenge.

Director: Derek Hall, Elliott Barker, Peter Malota, Tara Kleinpeter

Genre: Action, Crime

Cast: Autumn Reeser, Daniel Bernhardt, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Kieran Gallagher, Kris Van Damme, María Conchita Alonso, Mila Kalađurđević, Paul Sampson, Peter Organ, Peter Stormare

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IMDB Rating: 4.4


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