Billy and Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure

2007 1h 20m 0

When the Boogey Man causes Grim to lose his powers, rank, and title in the Underworld Court for misusing his powers, he plots to seek out Horror's Hand and take over the world. It's up to Billy, Mandy, Irwin, and Grim to get to Horror's Hand before the Boogey Man does.

Director: Christine Kolosov, Eddy Houchins, Gordon Kent, Juli Murphy, Kris Sherwood, Matt Engstrom, Michel Lyman, Phil Cummings, Robert Alvarez, Russell Calabrese, Shaun Cashman, Sue Perrotto

Genre: Adventure, Animation, Comedy, TV Movie

Cast: Bart Flynn, C.H. Greenblatt (duplicate), George Ball, Greg Eagles, Greg Ellis, Grey DeLisle, Jane Carr, Maxwell Atoms, Richard Steven Horvitz, Vanessa Marshall

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IMDB Rating: 7.4


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